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Your Post Performance Review xTwo

The 2023 performance and comp discussions have been delivered. Ostensibly they are in our rearview mirrors. Yet, both employees and employers often leave these discussions with many unanswered questions and concerns. Recently, a client gave what she thought was a very positive review to one of the best members of her team. All was going well until she began mentioning a few areas for improvement. The employee became withdrawn, answering in monosyllables and a monotone. My client, feeling uncomfortable with his reaction, and needing to get to another meeting, didn’t pursue the conversation or suggest a follow-up. The next day during our session, we discussed the importance of continuing the conversation, and we created a “script” with questions and observations for her to use in the follow-up meeting.  

If not addressed, these situations can create multiple challenges for both parties, their teams, and their companies. Rather than thinking of these conversations as a fait accompli until next year’s review, employees and employers should schedule a follow-up meeting within a week or two of the initial review, even if the feedback is predominantly positive, as a way to foster greater clarity and collaboration. 

To ensure success, bring your best communication tools of curiosity, openness, and receptivity to the conversation.

Follow-up meetings provide a wonderful opportunity for both employers and employees to strengthen communication and trust, allowing everyone to feel seen, heard, and valued for their contributions. Talk about a Win-Win!

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