Culture Clash

Whether like me you grew up as a Boomer in the 60’s, or you are a card-carrying member of Generation Z, most girls grow up avoiding conflict at all costs. But when I became an entrepreneur, the avoidance behaviors I had so carefully cultivated — ignoring the fissure completely or putting off the conversation until I could barely recall the details — had to end. Owning a business forced me to set boundaries and expectations, dispute fees, call out bad and also illegal behaviors. I didn’t have to deal with situations like these often, but when I did, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment in overcoming my fear, my resistance, and my prior training of being the “good girl.”
In the workplace, conflict and difficult conversations remain some of the most challenging situations employees face, with recent statistics reporting 76%  of employees preferring to avoid rather than confront workplace conflicts. In this month’s newsletter, I’m exploring the tools we need to face conflict in a kinder, gentler, and more productive way.

The Scenario: Recently, a client shared a compelling case study that sheds light on the nuances of handling interpersonal disputes with tact and empathy. Her experience serves as a valuable lesson in effective communication and conflict resolution.

Staying curious about your feelings and the story you’re telling yourself is the start of this process. 

Be aware that you really don’t know another person’s story. Ask questions so that you can learn all the details that will allow you to see the entire situation and find common ground.

Build mutually desirable solutions by actively listening and considering opposing views before establishing your own.

Strong women are often labeled aggressive when they give their opinions or disagree, but you are demonstrating confidence and assertiveness. Embrace your assertive dynamic spirit! 

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