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New Year’s Resolutions vs. Intentions

Happy Holidays, and welcome to our annual SPIRAL OF SHAME — making and breaking New Year’s resolutions.
For years I pledged to lose those pesky five pounds, learn a new language, and stretch more, but when I didn’t keep my commitments, I felt terrible and berated myself for failing. Then, sometime in my forties, I decided I wouldn’t make any more resolutions, but then I berated myself for being a slug.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Why do we begin each year with this endless cycle of judgment and recrimination? Why not begin with acceptance and self-love? 

In this month’s newsletter, I intend to explore the difference between setting an intention and making a resolution. Oxford Dictionary defines an intention as a commitment to follow a course of action that not only frames the outcome but also provides you with a roadmap for how to get there. Conversely, a resolution is defined as making a firm decision to do or not to do something and setting a very specific result. So let’s say you want to get more exercise this year. If you make an intention to find a walking group in your neighborhood or explore some classes, this is more manageable, flexible, and less shaming than resolving to exercise two hours every day. And you might even make new friends.

I am excited to introduce you to this month’s UNSTOPPABLE woman, Andrea Green. Andrea has been a musical talent since kindergarten which is when we became friends. As a child she would accompany her physician dad on his hospital visits, delighting patients by singing and playing the guitar, while at the same time conquering her almost debilitating shyness. It’s no surprise then that Andrea’s life’s work has been combining her two loves, music and children. 

An Emmy award-winning composer, writer, producer, and director, Andrea has created fourteen Broadway-style musicals (and hundreds of songs) showcasing kids of all ages and abilities. With catchy tunes and lyrics that both children and adults can relate to, her songs deal with important social themes of inclusion, empathy, tolerance, conflict resolution, and respect. Her musical extravaganzas have been staged throughout the United States and abroad, often including up to eighty featured roles where every child gets to shine on stage.

In 2015, Andrea received the humanitarian public service award from the United Nations for her documentary, “On the Other Side of the Fence,” and in 2019, she was honored with a proclamation from the City of Philadelphia for her groundbreaking work creating and directing musicals to unite diverse groups of young people.  

Many decades after delighting her Dad’s hospital patients, Andrea continues to create music as a vehicle for love, understanding, and joy. Truly UNSTOPPABLE!  

Enjoy a sample of Andrea’s extraordinary work HERE
Please visit Andrea’s Website: Andreagreenmusic.com

Do you have an UNSTOPPABLE woman you’d like us to showcase in an upcoming newsletter? EMAIL ME your suggestions.

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