Happy New Year and welcome to my first monthly newsletter of 2022

I am so delighted to be able to share my work with you. Among the many communication and leadership programs being offered this year, my newest is UNSTOPPABLE, a program for women who are ready and committed to having the personal and professional life they want and deserve. 

Through UNSTOPPABLE, you’ll learn how to access and embody an abundance of confidence and courage to overcome the things that are common obstacles, such as Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, Risk Aversion, and Fear of Failure. In eight weeks, surrounded and supported by a cohort of smart, passionate, and successful women, I’ll be guiding you to accomplish your goals, making you truly UNSTOPPABLE.

Here’s an example of an Unstoppable woman…


There are many things I loved about living in the Bay Area. One of my favorites was running into the wonderful actress/singer Rita Moreno in the tiny, fabulous boutique,  Pimlico Place. What the store lacked in space its owner Annette made up for with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with exquisite pieces of vintage and modern jewelry and accessories from around the world.  

Last week as I watched “Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It,”  the aptly titled documentary about Moreno’s Life, ”  I relived those lovely retail moments. But more importantly, I was introduced to a truly UNSTOPPABLE woman. 

Born into poverty in Puerto Rico, Rita moved with her mother to the United States when she was five. She endured racism as a child growing up on the streets of New York, on Broadway, and in Hollywood. Even after winning the Oscar for her performance in West Side Story, racial bias prevented her from being offered anything other than stereotypical “ethnic” roles. 

Moreno struggled with depression,  sexual abuse, and a toxic relationship with her co-star Marlon Brando. Yet, despite it all, she relentlessly persisted and triumphed in her career. She is an EGOT winner – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony – and she has also been active in women’s rights and Latinx representation in the arts. 

Rita Moreno turned 90 last year and is as vibrant as ever. Just watch her performance in Steven Speilberg’s remake of West Side Story. She is positively UNSTOPPABLE

I’ll be featuring UNSTOPPABLE women in future newsletters. If you someone who is UNSTOPPABLE, please email me with their information and contact details.


Feeling Overwhelmed? Chunk it Out!

Let’s face it. Getting back to work after the holidays can be really difficult. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you have to do? Whether you’re creating a budget, preparing a presentation, filling out performance reviews, or like me, learning all of the technology that I  didn’t master last year. Don’t beat yourself up. Chunk it Out!

Reframe It! 
Change how you feel and express yourself

WHAT IF: I stay calm, hopeful, and positive in light of Omicron to manage my feelings that restrictions and mask-wearing will never end? 

REFRAME IT: When we are able to center ourselves with calm, hope, and positivity, we are better able to navigate the uncertainty,  frustration, and fear that this pandemic brings up. Resetting your mind through meditation, or repeating a calming affirmation such as “be at peace or all will be well” enables you to reframe your worry and reconnect to all that is hopeful. 

Sign up for UNSTOPPABLE today. Use promo code IAM2022 and get 10% off your registration fee. Bring along three women and get your entire 2022 program for FREE!

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