Applauding UNSTOPPABLE Confidence and Courage

Like everyone, I am in awe of the UNSTOPPABLE spirit of the Ukrainian people. On TV, I watch the devastation to their beloved cities, I hear them speak from bomb shelters, resolved to fight. Last week, as President Zelensky spoke to Congress, I was reminded of what true bravery and leadership look like. May these courageous men and women continue to find the strength to defend the country they so dearly love. And may we, the world over, support them in their fight for freedom.

“Slava Ukraini!” – “Glory to Ukraine!”

Frances Haugen is, without a doubt, the most prominent whistleblower in Facebook’s (aka META) 18-year history. Last fall, she disclosed tens of thousands of documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which became the basis of a series of articles in The Wall Street Journal.

In October, and again in November, she testified before the Senate claiming that “the company consistently chose to maximize its growth rather than implement safeguards on its platforms, just as it hid from the public and government officials internal research that illuminated the harms of Facebook products.”  

Among the many issues she addressed, were the company’s knowing how organizers of the January 6th Capitol siege used its platform, and how Instagram and Facebook have deleteriously affected the mental and physical health of young adults. 

Haugen, who prefers to be called an “educator” rather than a whistleblower, insists she has no interest in harming the company, just fixing it. In fact, she came to Facebook to work in the Civic Integrity Team to help prevent the spread of false information and other problems. But according to Haugen, the team never received the necessary resources or expertise to ensure its success, and in 2020, Facebook shut down the program. 

I am not privy to how Haugen decided to blow the whistle. However, I do know from my research on other whistleblowers that it is often a wrenching decision to speak truth to power, withstand intense public scrutiny, publicity, and shunning from colleagues and industry. 

I suspect Haugen knew the consequences her actions would bring, and yet, she chose to do it anyway. In celebration of International Women’s month, Francis Haugen is a wonderful example of a courageous, UNSTOPPABLE woman. 

To-Do or To-Don’t? That is the Question!

After reading Chunk it Out! in my last newsletter, my friend Philip offered an additional way to deal with feeling overwhelmed, aptly named, To-Do or To-Don’t.

First, make a list of all the tasks you need to do. Decide which ones you are going to do today―those go on the To-Do list. Then, put the remaining tasks on a To-Don’t list―those you’ll postpone until the following day(s). By creating and sticking to these lists, you’ll get far more accomplished and avoid that debilitating “overwhelming spiral.” Go ahead and give it a try and let me know how you do.

Here are a few examples to get your lists started:

Change is often seen as scary and something to be feared. As a result, many of us handle it quite poorly, often blaming others, resisting or denying the inevitable, or becoming depressed. 

There are others who are able to adapt and navigate disruption and uncertainty with ease. How do they do it?

In this highly interactive and fun (yes, really) program, participants will be given an array of techniques to bolster their resilience and become truly UNSTOPPABLE in the face of chaos and change. 

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